Skis and hobby equipment – without the difficulty of external

Villa Kätkö is designed with the functionality above. Nothing hares more than the confined spaces where the instruments do not fit to be natural and dry. Not to mention their custody. For hobbies, there are plenty of facilities for the villa. The size of the utility room is 20 square meters, there you will find the 14 boot drying rack, two drying cabinets and a washing machine and tumble dryer.

There is a storage space for 10 square clothes and a large garage/storage area next to the utility room. What more could you hope for in addition to the outdoor reels?

The best of the next morning is the dry boots

Drying of boots and ample space for storing goods

All of these can be found directly on the entry floor. Outside the cottage there are decent ski racks for dozens of skis. The garage has excellent facilities to service the skis or the wheel, but we do not want a car in this garage. Let's keep them in the outdoors.

Kitchen – without good food The holiday is missed somewhere except..

We are a food plant, that is why the kitchen of the cache represents the top possibilities, but you should make food yourself or order high-quality catering services from the entrepreneurs in the area (listing on the Nature Centre page -> Food and Catering, Eng.).

The kitchen also has a six-seat island with an embedded induction stove, two ovens and a micro. The Festivo's spacious refrigerator can accommodate very cold products.

The kitchen is equipped with quality Bosch kitchen furniture. The kitchen equipment allows for varied food to be put in or enjoy the catering services. The tableware is for 20 people, representing Finnish desing.

In the kitchen, you will also find a variety of tools for slow cooking or coffee making. Boil up to 2 liters of coffee straight to the thermos flask or single servings with the coffee machine. The Villa has sous vide- and poacher cookers and a raclette grill.

In the same space with the kitchen there is a dining area where the gaze captures a 16-person dining table made from a thousand-year oak trunk. This table must be seen! We hope that it will also remain the next thousand years 😉

In addition to the spacious Festivon fridge, the residents have a central freezer and a 120 liter fridge in the fireplace room.

AUDIO-Visual equipment – Kätkö Ensure mood for meeting, party or World Cup

Kätkö is equipped with top level AV tools. The site has the fastest (1 Gbs/1 Gbs) Internet access in the city as well as a WI-FI network for your apartment.

In the fireplace room you will have a 55 inch TV and a 65 inch TV in the living room, where you will be able to keep up with entertainment and meetings. TVs are equipped with airplay and Google Chrome Cast. For example, the loft can Juniors retreat to watch their own television. The Master Bedroom downstairs is also equipped with a private TV. All TVs have Smart TV features.

What about atmospheric music? The villa has a complete Heos sound system, allowing you to wirelessly play music from your favourite service, either in each room individually or in the same song through each loudspeaker. Download the app, connect via Bluetooth or directly from the cable – which seems best.

Music on the Terrace – succeeds, the same system is also used outdoors. Respect nature and neighbors, do not call too loud and not too late.

Other facilities

The bedrooms feature spacious cabinets for storing clothes. Because we are enjoying nature, we prefer online shelves – this way your clothes can be ventilated even if you don't have them put them dry.

Beds have luxury bedding. The beds are the same, which you can find in the quality of the hotel.

Grill with a top-quality gas oven or with a grill in the warmth of the terrace

The villa has an exclusive gas grill and a gas-operated (pizza) oven. The terrace has efficient heaters (6 kwh), which allow for a year-round stay on the terrace. If this is not enough, you will certainly have a power-generating heater with a button press... Tuleppa to test a completely new winter terrace you have not experienced before. It means + 20 square meters of extra space, a 6-person couch and a dining table for 8 people in addition to everything in the interior. This option is of course available without heaters. And if someone in the mosquito gets lost in the fells so the glazing ensures a peaceful illlan Vieton.

There is also a gas-powered fireplace on the terrace of the hot tub, which creates a mood for dark evenings. Check out the sauna here.

There are ski racks in the yard for several pairs of skis. You have a few sliders and sleds and ice fishing jackets at your disposal.

An electric car to the fells? Don't worry about it. The cache uses an ABB 11kW charger, ask the central booking office for more information.