Downhill skiing and slopes

Sun, Cannon and landscape

Finland’s southernmost fell invites the whole family to ski downhill. From the cottage, you can get straight to the slopes and back (Ski-in, Ski-out). There are good storage places for skis in the Villa and there are even ski brackets in the yard. Skiing shoes, helmets and other equipment dry easily in the two cabinet driers or in the drier for seven pairs of ski boots.

There are slopes for every taste in Iso-Syöte as well as in the nearby skiing centre Pikku-Syöte. Iso-Syöte has an excellently functioning ski-rental service and a ski school. The youngest of the family will enjoy the wide family slopes, that also have a junior ski park. There are two T-bar lifts and a button lift at the family slopes. Moreover, there is also a rope tow and a magic carpet lift for the children.

If necessary, you will find freeride- or mogul skiing areas to challenge yourself in from the back slopes. Or are you more interested in steeper slopes? Visit the famous woods of Syöte, full of crown snow- loaded trees and discover your own secret ski route down.

From the front slopes, you will find a park which is one of the best in Finland. The ramps and obstacles are perfect for all kinds of different tricks and jumps.

There are several restaurants at the feet of the slopes, where you’ll find a broad assortment of different foods and drinks. At the top of the fell is a hotel-restaurant which is an amazing place to admire the view and enjoy a meal at the same time.

Read more about the slopes in Syöte here.

Syöte is the Skiing center of the year 2012!

Activity entrepreneurs in Syöte area

Many entrepreneurs work in Syöte area (Iso- and Pikku-Syöte). Through them you will be able to experience unique activities in the Finnish nature. There is a list of the business partners of Syötein the website

Cross country skiing

Syöte has 120km of ski tracks on snowy and variable grounds. Please note, that on many of the tracks you can walk your dog on too. You can rent equipment (for example a sledge for the youngest of the family) through entrepreneurs.

Here is a map of the ski tracks and a list of the quality of the tracks


Cycling is popular all year round in Syöte. There are dozens of cycling routes from easy to difficult ones. Finding good tracks for road race cycling is usually hard in Finland due to Finnish roads lacking height difference, but Syöte offers roads perfect for road racing. There are also three possible routes for mountain biking, when there is no snow or ice on the roads. When combining these routes, there will be a few hundred kilometers of road to ride.

Bring your own bike with you or rent one at the local bike rental. Riding a Fatbike is a perfect way to exercise also in winter.

The 2020 season was completed at The 2020: Take the lift up and enjoy the challenges and speed by pedaling down the routes. Enduro cycling is one of the fastest growing species in Finland.

Bicycle rental companies in the area:
– Syöte central reservation station
- Iso-Syöte hotelli (bike hotell), price list
Iso-Syöte Equipment Rental
Feed Batch Services
Syöte Rent & Safaris

Syöte MTB is an event arranged every year and sold out straight after opening the enrolment

Northern light watching

The best time to spot northern lights is around midnight (22-24 o’clock). When the skies are clear, it is possible to see northern lights about every fourth night.

Villa Kätkö has large windows, so watching the northern lights is possible from the couch or the terrace. If necessary, you can walk a few hundred meters and get to the top of the fell, where you can see 360 degrees of the sky.

Of the presence of the Northern Lights you can read here and subscribe here for the Aurora borealis alerts of the Finnish meteorological institute or follow their Twitter account.


Landscapes from Rytivaara Route

The national park of Syöte offers amazing routes with beautiful landscapes. A network of open wilderness huts and reservable huts enable also larger hikes to take place, even without your own tent.

A short landscape trail on top of the fell is an experience that allows you to see in 360 degrees of Syöte’s nature from the highest place there.

Visit the website for more information

Huskies and Husky Safaris

A Husky- entrepreneur, works in the Syöte area through whom you will be able to get to know the dogs and a sled ride, which is a unique way to visit the nature.


A 4,5 km or 6 km long marked snowshoe route leads its way to the Vaara forest from the nature centre.  

The Vattukuru snowshoe road (2,1km) is a perfect route for the whole family: it follows the summer route and in the halfway is a hut, perfect for a short break. More information on the snowshoe routes Syöte here.

You can rent snowshoes through local entrepreneurs.

Snowmobile Tours

Ride your own snowmobile along the snowy routes of the forests or take part in a guided safari. Maps of the routes are sold in companies of the region. Remember that you will need a permission from Metsähallitus to ride a snowmobile in the Pudasjärvi area (including the Pudasjärvi-Syöte range and Syöte area among some other places). You will find more information on the permissions on the website of Metsähallitus. You can also apply for it there.

You can inquire about snowmobile rental, for example, here ( Syöte Rent & Safaris) or here (Articson).

Skate park

You’ll find a skate park (opened in the summer) behind the lower slopes of Iso-Syöte. There’s also a beach and a playground next to it.


During spring and autumn, the rivers in Syöte provide amazing paddling routes long enough for a one day-long trip.

Pärjänjoki offers a 22 km canoeing route, where you can find information here. For example, you can contact the Feed Wilderness Servicesguide and equipment rental. Through them, including river tubing.


Ice fishing, fly fishing, luscious fishing.. You can do it all with Feed. Remember fishing permits, more information from the Nature Centre. You can ask for guidance on phishing from Feed Batch Services. More information about fishing in Pärjänjoki.

More info on fishing in Syöte area here

Frisbee Golf

There are two Frisbee golf tracks in Syöte area. You will find more information on them at Luontokeskus (the nature centre).

The national park of Syöte

Suomaisema Syöte National Park

The unbelievably beautiful national park offers different experiences for everyone. There are numerous marked hiking tracks and variable landscapes. More information on the national park here.

Ranua Wildlife Park/Zoo

At The Ranua Arctic Wildlife Park you’ll get to know the typical wildlife of Finland, but also polar bears. The distance from Syöte to Ranua is about 80 kilometers.


There are several restaurants for everyone’s taste in Syöte. There are a lot of restaurants at the lower slopes, that offer fast food and lunch and A’la carte menus on the evenings.